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Our five promises

[1] High Quality, Low Prices
[2] Directly from Shenzhen/China
[3] Flex and Rigid-Flex
[4] PCBA in-house
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Quality of our products

The quality of our products is very important to us! You as a customer should be able to rely on our products and therefore we are working hard to deliver 100% quality.

All of our printed circuit boards are manufactured to IPC-600G Class 2. Should it be necessary, even manufacturing with IPC-600G class 3 will be carried out on explicit customer request.

In order to guarantee this high standard, we carry out various checks during production:

  • Each board is subjected to AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) control, which compares the original design of the data with the actual result

  • From each batch, a micrograph is prepared by means of which the layer thickness of the copper of the printed conductors and within the drillholes is checked and compared with the IPC-600G

  • All printed circuit boards are electrically tested. This happens with small and medium quantities by means of a Flying Probe tester. For larger quantities, an adapter test is used. The electrical test uses the database to create a pass and short test.

  • From each production a piece of printed circuit board is subjected to a soldering test at 265 ° C and the solderability of the surface is checked

  • All test results are archived and can be requested as a test report
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