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Our offer for you from 16.10.2019 to 30.10.2019

Our exclusive special offer - Unbeatably cheap!
Now starting on Wednesday!

From 16.10.2019 to 30.10.2019 we have printed circuit boards at a sensational price for you:

thin pcbs special offer

(Size 30x30mm to 200x200mm, one layout, no multi-use,  0.6/ 0.8 /1.0mm total thickness, 35μm copper, 2-layer, standard stackup, green solder mask, HAL LF, white silkscreen, 125μm resolution, min. Drill diameter 0.3mm, delivery time approx. 8 AT, applies only to new orders, excl. VAT and shipping)

And this is how the offer works:

They have a design and adhere to the technical specifications. Now you can calculate the area of your PCB and divide 1sqm by the area of your PCB. The rounded number is now the amount of printed circuit boards you get for the fixed price. You can simply order these and we will automatically charge you the discounted price.

As an an example:

Size of the pcb 120 x 62 mm = 0.00744sqm

0.5sqm / 0,00744sqm = 67 printed circuit boards

So you can order 67 pcbs and benefit from our special price.

If you deviate from the guidelines, you will receive feedback from us and we will find a solution!

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