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SMD Stencils in stainless steel

SMD Laser Stencil
SMD Laser Stencil

Do you want to equip your printed circuit boards with SMD? Then you need an SMD stencil in stainless steel to your printed circuit boards. These can be ordered easily with your project or individually with us.

Just write an email to info@5pcb.de with the following information:

  • Desired paste mask position and outline of the PCB
  • Size (200x300mm, 300x400mm, 370x470mm, 420x520mm, 450x550mm, 584x584mm, 550x650mm, 736x736mm, 400x600mm, 400x800mm, 400x1000mm)
  • Material thickness (100μm, 120μm, 130μm, 150μm)
    With or without frame
  • With or without registration marks
  • Desired text with position
  • other special requirements

From this information, we will gladly create your template offer.

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