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Generation of Gerber files from EAGLE

The preferred format in PCB manufacturing is the Gerber (RS-274X) format. This is a universal format and forms the common basis of all layout programs.

5pcb.de GmbH accepts both Gerber and Excellon files as well as files from various layout programs directly.

If you do not want to or can not send your EAGLE files to us, you have the option of generating Gerber data directly from EAGLE. In this case you will find a short guide here:

IMPORTANT: The following steps will take the standard layer layout as described! If your layers differ from these, you must modify the output file! If you have problems with this, we are happy to help.

Layers in EAGLE

Pastemask Top

Layer 31 (tCream)

Silkscreen Top

Layer 21 (tPlace) & Layer 25 (tNames)

Soldermask Top

Layer 29 (tStop)


Layer 1 (Top), Layer 17 (Pads) & Layer 18 (Vias)

Innerlayer 1

Layer 2 (Route2), Layer 17 (Pads) & Layer 18 (Vias)

Innerlayer X

Layer X (XXX), Layer 17 (Pads) & Layer 18 (Vias)


Layer 16 (Bottom), Layer 17 (Pads) & Layer 18 (Vias)

Soldermask Bottom

Layer 30 (bStop)

Silkscreen Bottom

Layer 22 (bPlace) & Layer 26 (bNames)

Pastemask Bottom

Layer 32 (bCream)

Drills PTH

Layer 44 (Drills)

Drills NPTH

Layer 45 (Holes)


Layer 46 (Miling)


Layer 20 (Dimension)

This layerstack is also accepted when converting EAGLE files by 5pcb.de GmbH! If you have different layers, which you need, you must inform us in writing!

Gerber data generation for 2-layer printed circuit board

  • Download the file „eagle_to_gerber_2layer.cam“ here and save it in your "cam" folder in Eagle (for example, C: EAGLE-X.X.Xcam)

  • Open your EAGLE project

  • Start the CAM Processor (File-> CAM Processor)

  • Go to File-> Open-> Job and select the eagle_to_gerber_2layer.cam file

  • Start the generation with "execute job"

  • You will now find the Gerber and Excellon data in your project directory

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