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The first year of PCB supplier 5pcb.de GmbH

After more than a year in the printed circuit board industry, 5pcb.de GmbH can draw an interim balance.

Right from the start, large customers are the ones who benefit from the individual, competitive PCB prices. The saying: "Purchasing is a blessing" applies to all developers in the electrical industry and is therefore particularly applied to the purchase of printed circuit boards and multilayers. It does not matter whether it is a major customer, an engineering office or an institute. The low-priced purchase helps to secure the trading margin for the final product.

The balance between good quality and low purchase price is thus the basis for the end product and the economic efficiency. Peter Basista, Managing Director of 5pcb.de GmbH and his employees from their many years of experience in the board industry know this problem and the resulting tightrope walk only too well. The business concept of 5pcb.de, to find a competitive price-performance ratio for its customers, has succeeded and is accepted in the PCB industry. The quality of printed circuit boards, from simple, one-sided boards to highly complex multilayer printed circuit boards with special techniques and special materials, is subject to permanent quality checks.

It has proven to be particularly advantageous right from the start that 5pcb.de has fixed contacts for its customers. The personal PCB consultant is in direct contact with the customer, he works up the customer data and checks it. This ensures the continuity of quality checks right from the start.

The portfolio of 5pcb.de will continue to be permanently expanded. The management knows the printed circuit board market at home and abroad and has already made a name for itself in the many years prior to its founding, which is now opening doors. Therefore, highly complex board projects are always an incentive for the newbie with years of industry knowledge. The customer growth in the first year and the complexity of the previous printed circuit board projects confirm this, as well as the positive response, which can be heard again and again in customer discussions and consultations.

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