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Our free data review service for you

You need changes in your design? We like to do that!

We offer you as a free service:

  • Position change of individual components / holes in x-y direction

  • Rotation of components according to specification ° -count clockwise

  • Displacement of printed conductors according to specification

  • Enlargement / reduction of drill diameters

  • Broadening / reduction of printed conductors according to specification (in compliance with the design rules)

  • Enlargement / reduction of the outer contour

  • Removal of components and connections

  • Replacement of individual components at the same position (after individual test possible)

  • Insert holes at specified positions

Components are regularly discontinued and often the replacement does not fit 1: 1 into the existing layout. Or you have changes to your housing and now need new or differently positioned retaining holes. Or you would like to have a component rotated by 90 °. Or, or, or ...

There are many small changes that can occur during project life. Sometimes you can make the changes yourself quickly and easily. Unfortunately, sometimes this does not produce your software and you need professional help.

We carry out these and, after examination, even more data changes for free. When ordering, you will inform us of your change requests and we will revise your PCB according to your specifications.

Please note that this service is free for you. However, we reserve the right to not carry out this service if you make too extensive a change and send you an offer for the paid redesign of your project. The average processing time for all changes including the creation of the protocol for release by you is 2 working days. This time must be added to an order. Questions and ambiguities can extend this time.

All changes made by us will be logged. This will be sent to you after the change and must be approved. The changed production data are the property of 5pcb.de GmbH and are only used internally. A publication of the changed data is not permitted.

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